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“Welcome to RsvpGamesOnline!

RsvpGamesOnline specializes in all things video games, including PC games, mobile games, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and more. We don’t do niches. If it’s gaming and people are playing it, that’s our purview. So what’s in a name? Why RSVP? Well, because it sounded cool, and because RSVP means “please reply,” and we think of RsvpGamesOnline like an invitation to the gaming community.

Comprehensive Game Reviews

In-depth reviews are what we hang our hat on. If you’re like us, then your gaming budget isn’t unlimited, and you have to make some tough choices about what you buy and what you don’t. That’s why our reviews are so important to us. We’ll praise a game up and down the virtual street when it deserves it, but we don’t do fluff, and when a game isn’t worth your money or time, we’ll let you know about it.

Gaming Retrospective

Another area where we excel is in retrospectives. We find it illuminating to take an old game, play it and review it as if it just came out yesterday — with the benefit of context of course. If we’re fortunate to have been around when the game actually came out, we’ll juxtapose the old and new review. We like to answer questions about how our opinions changed and how the game affected gaming over the years.

Developer Interviews

We also like to link our previews and our retrospectives with the crucial creators who made the game possible. Sometimes that requires a plane ride to Japan or Poland, and other times it’s just a walk down the street. Our team loves meeting the people who make our favorite games and asking them the questions that nobody else has asked. If they pause a moment, we’ve probably done our job.

A Wealth of Other Content

Our team is good at a lot of other gaming related content too. In addition to previews and reviews, we write walkthroughs, guides and articles and collaborate on wikis. In addition to interviews, we report breaking news on Twitter, expand on that news on our site and write stories that take weeks and sometimes even months and years to complete. Our team makes videos and podcasts, and we stream the hottest games as well as pre-release gameplay of the most anticipated.

Social Media and Community

RsvpGamesOnline.com also embraces social media and has a strong commitment to developing our community. We want the best gaming community online. Maybe we’re already there, but we’re not going to stop working toward something better even if we are. You’re important to us, and the exchange of ideas between us and our visitors is what makes this whole thing really special. That’s why we implore you to join in on the fun. Create an account today. Post a comment on one of our articles or videos, or go ahead and start your own thread in our forums.”

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